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SCR4 N-180 Titan Tankless Water Heater, 77 amp, 18 kW.

SCR4 N-180 Titan Tankless Water Heater, 77 amp, 18 kW.
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    The SCR4 N-180 Titan 18kw tankless water heaters continually heat water instantaneously as you require it - and only when you require it. As with all our tankless water heaters, this units will not run out of hot water.

    Recommended Use

    • For medium to large homes with ground water temperature of 65 F or higher
    • For small to medium sized homes with ground water temperature of 55 F or higher.

    Temperature Rise Chart ( Fahrenheit)


    1 GPM

    1.5 GPM

    2.0 GPM





    Electrical Requirements

    Breakers & Wire

    Max kW @ 240V


    Max AMP @ 240V

    2 x 40 amp, each with
    a #8 AWG wire
    (2-1 type, 2 hots + ground)

    18 kW



    Technical Specifications (Specs)

    Compliance: UL #499
    Standards: ANZI-Z, 10,03
    Tested: Applied Research #29.580
    Dade Approval: 96-0311.03
    Dimensions: 11.5 x 10.5 x3 In
    Weight:14 Lbs
    Materials: Brass Casing
    Pipe Fitting: 1/2" Standard
    Pressure Required: 5 PSI Min/150 Max
    Voltage: 240 VAC Std. (208/277 Avail)
    Elements:l Incoloy/Nichrome
    Energy Efficiency: Up to 99.5%
    Activation: 0.4 On/0.3 Off GPM
    Indicators: Red=on/Green=standby
    Manufacturer's Warranty: 10 years casing/1 year components
    Protection: Dual Microtemp thermistor manual resettable thermostat

    Click Here For Detailed Information About This Products Warranty.
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