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Cyclone Xi High Efficiency BTH-150 Tank Type Water Heater

Cyclone Xi High Efficiency BTH-150 Tank Type Water Heater
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    CYCLONE Xi®:

    100 Gallon
    150,000 BTU/HR

    ASME Approved Models Available


    The helical internal heat exchanger in all Cyclones swirls thehot gases, like a cyclone, against the heat exchanger walls,producing an extra-high rate of heat transfer, resulting inextra-high thermal efficiency. While the Cyclone HE™ utilizesa traditional under-fired burner, all Cyclone Xi® modelsemploy an ingenious top-mounted down-fired DynamixCyclonic Burner™, resulting in even higher efficiencies.

    • 94% efficiency dramatically lowers operating costs
    • Sidewall, Vertical and Sealed Vent Options
    • Meets SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 Low NOx
    • Patented Dynamix Cyclonic Burner™ offers precise air/fuel mixing at point of ignition
    • Exhaust and air intake positioned so heater can be installed in corners or flush against wall
    • 4 handy venting options using inexpensive 3in or 4in PVC, ABS, or CPVC, and/or Foam Core Equivalents
    • 50 Equivalent Feet of Exhaust and 50 Equivalent Feet of Intake with 3in Vent
    • 120 Equivalent Feet of Exhaust and 120 Equivalent Feet of Intake with 4in Vent

    Cyclone Xi models use the latest in burner technology,the advanced Dynamix Cyclonic Burner.

    • The ingenious burner design precisely mixesincoming blower-driven air with incoming gas formaximum combustion efficiency.
    • When the mixture is ignited by the hot surfaceignitor, a swirling flame shoots downward into thesubmerged central combustion chamber.
    • The resulting hot fuel gases are then forced at highvelocity through a helical heat exchanger coil.
    • The spiral shape of the coil keeps the hot gasesswirling, like a cyclone, against the heat exchangerwalls, producing an extra-high rate of heattransfer...resulting in extra-high thermal efficiency


    Exclusive PermaGlas® Ultra Coat™ glass lining protects allCyclone water heaters. PermaGlas Ultra Coat provides superiorprotection for all inner tank surfaces, as well as for the inside ofthe heat exchanger, which would otherwise be vulnerable tocorrosion from flue gas condensate.


    The convenient display panel makes theCyclone adaptable for use in a variety ofindustrial and foodservice applications wheretemperature requirements call for precise controlof sanitizing and process water.


    The Cyclone Xi features power-ventand power direct-vent design, allowingclean uncontaminated air to be drawndirectly into the unit with the flue gasproducts being expelled directlythrough the wall to the outside.

    4 handy venting options using inexpensive 3in or 4in PVC pipe
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    Because installation space today is almost always at a premium, we've designed the Cyclone to install in anabsolute minimum of space. The exhaust outlet and fresh air intakes are positioned so the water heater canbe placed either in a corner or against a wall. Cold water connection is conveniently accessible from thefront, and hot water outlet offers the option of exiting the heater at either the front or the top.

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