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Jacuzzi Elara 7242 Salon Spa Combination 72 x 42 x 26

Jacuzzi Elara 7242 Salon Spa Combination 72  x 42  x  26
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    Elara™ 7242 Salon™ Spa

    Some days call for an invigorating massage, others for a gentle caress, and still others a combination of both. For all of these days, there is one remarkable water retreat. Jacuzzi™ Salon™ Spas combine the therapeutic power of the Luxury Whirlpool experience and the calm, effervescence of Jacuzzi Pure Air®. This is the ultimate home retreat from the speed of life.


  • 16 total jets:
    - 4 fully adjustable TheraPro™ jets
    - 12 AccuPro™ back jets
    Metal jet trim kits are only available on the TheraPro™ jets
  • 900 watt variable-speed heated-air blower
  • Multi-speed motor
  • Bottom air channels
  • Electronic airflow adjustability
  • Wave mode
  • RapidHeat™ inline heater
  • Chromatherapy™ lighting system
  • Automatic purge (drain activated)
  • Low-profile deck
  • Exclusive Tru-Level™ self-leveling base system
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Priced for White with Whirlpool (and heater), Luxury Control (not LCD), 900w variable speed heated air blower, and Chromatherapy.

    ELA7242 CRL 4CH W

    Click Here For Specifications

    Whisper Technology™
    Sound can be a tool for relaxation, if used correctly. By upgrading your bathtub to include Jacuzzi Whisper Technology™, the noise and vibrations naturally produced by the whirlpool motor can be reduced to their lowest forms. So all you're left with is the soothing sound of moving water, and your quiet time becomes just that—quiet.
    Sound and Vibration Testing
    With Whisper Technology™, the whirlpool motor is mounted using special gel components. Sound and vibration tests were performed comparing a standard motor mount to the whisper mount showing a reduction in low frequency noise by half.
    Comparison Chart of Vibration
    Deck vibration is also significantly reduced with Whisper Technology™ for a more comfortable bathing experience. This also means you won't get as much sound transferred to adjacent walls and ceilings.

    We often think of color as a simple visual marker. However, color has the power to affect how we feel - physically and emotionally. Each color has its own wavelength and energy. When absorbed, it can create a multi-sensory effect within the body and contribute to your overall well-being. Illumatherapy™ brings this restorative spectrum to your Jacuzzi bath and allows you to set the perfect mood for ultimate relaxation. With a simple touch of a button, the Illumatherapy™ system presents you with a choreographed combination of color, water and bubbles. Or rotate through the rainbow as you see fit by selecting from 256 hues and two different speed settings.

    The J5 LCD Control Panel
    The sleek, intuitive J5 LCD Control Panel ensures that your relaxation time begins the second you step into the water. The large LCD screen features icon-driven menus that make it easy to access the features you desire. Choose from one of the five preset bathing experiences or create and store your own. With the touch of a button, you can control your whirlpool jets, air bath settings and tub lighting to deliver a hydrotherapy experience to your liking.

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