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Environmental Water Systems 1354-HF
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Environmental Water Systems 1354-HF
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    The upgraded EWS-1354 Series of whole home water filtration and conditioning appliances is designed to provide quality, filtered and conditioned water to the entire home, which creates a healthier water environment for you and your family.

    EWS Filtration
    Sixty five pounds (65 lbs) or 2.5 cu.ft., of granular activated carbon (GAC) high grade filtration media removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds (VOC's), improving the taste, clarity and odor of all the water. The water can be used for all purposes; drinking and cooking, bathing and showering, steam and sauna; for you and your family, pets and plants. EWS creates a quality water environment.

    EWS Conditioning
    EWS physical conditioning in the EWS-1354 Series helps solve those problems associated with hard water up to 30 grains without the disadvantages of softening .In use Worldwide, our catalytic process is called Increased Calcite Nucleation (ICN). Once the water has been filtered, the water travels up through the riser and the manifold containing the ICN, where the conditioner breaks apart the calcium and magnesium minerals from the bonds of the water molecules. Once in suspension, the minerals become attracted to each other and form concentric patterns which no longer adhere to surfaces, actively inhibiting scale formation.

    The Result
    Easier wipe up of water spotting, better use of soaps, scale prevention within your pipes and water heater, and filtered water to your entire home. None of the salt issues of slippery feeling water, brine discharge and other problems.

    EWS will deliver water throughout the home at the flow rate and pressure normally found. The automatic backwash does not allow the filtration media to pack, channel or pool, this prevents any bacterial build-up and provides continued and renewed surface area for filtration. Years before media (not a cartridge) and ICN replacement based on usage and conditions. Larger units available based on water conditions, usage and/or line service size.

    Alternative to Sodium or Potassium Chloride Softening
    Easier Clean-Up of Water Spots, Better Use of Soaps
    Actively Inhibits Scale Formation in Pipes and Water Heaters without the
    Corrosively of Salt Softening
    Improves Taste, Clarity and Odors to the Entire Home
    Reduces Chlorine and VOC's, Replaces Costly Bottled Water
    Healthier Water for Skin, Hair and Body Systems
    Healthier Environment for Absorption and Inhalation
    Upgrade Your Usage of Your Spa Tubs, Shower Systems, Steam and Sauna Units, and All Your Faucets
    Does Not Need Routine Maintenance and is environmentally Correct

    Installs Easily at the Main Water Supply Line that Supplies the Home, Maintains Flow Rate and Pressure
    No Soft Water "Loops" or Bypass Needed to Avoid Softened Water to
    Drinking Taps, Pools and Plants
    Any Home with a 1" up to 1 1/4" Service Line
    Drain (backwash) Water is Safe, No Brine Discharge
    Safe for Pets, Plants, Pools, Spas and Less Harsh on Plumbing
    Fixtures, Accessories, Finishes and other Surfaces

    Proper Application: EWS-1354 Series should be considered based on harder water, larger homes, larger families (5 or more), greater water usage, multiple water heaters, pools, spas, main service line and/or water conditions, based on greater filtration bed depth and additional conditioning capabilities.

    Filtration options based on actual water conditions and/or consumer need, or consumer concern or preference. Whole home filtration can be combined with specific sink units for drinking (oral intake only) due to specific water problems or conditions, or consumer's needs or concerns at the point of use.

    For Removal/Safeguard of Lead and Cysts, see FUGAC250. For Removal/Safeguard of Lead and Cysts, Bacterial, Viral, E-coli, and other Microorganisms, see UU250. For other specific applications, See reverse osmosis systems, if applicable

    Hardness minerals, naturally found Calcium and Magnesium are not contaminants nor health issues, strictly aesthetic, however; based on water conditions or consumer preference (you or a member of the household may like the slippery feeling in a shower or believe the only relief is found in a softener), then add a softener (this is not a filtration product) to the hot side only, easily accessed at the inlet side to the water heater. This will compliment the EWS Appliance, satisfy different needs and limit the softener and its' usage to hot water only, which limits its salt usage and brine discharge.

    EWS, Inc. provides a complete line of filtration product from the sink to the whole home, based on your needs and concerns. Know your source water whether municipally-treated or well water and understand your needs. Do not be sold - Be Informed.

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