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Haws Emergency Wall Mounted Eye Wash 7260B

Haws Emergency Wall Mounted Eye Wash 7260B
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    Haws Wall Mounted with Bracket Emergency Eye Wash

    Model 7260B


    • Eyewash Head Assembly: Model SP62FC withSoft-Flo SP11FC ABS plastic eyewash anti-surgeheads, one-piece electro-polished Type 304 stainlesssteel eyewash yoke, and 9095 dust covers. 1/4in IPS.
    • Eyewash Head: Model SP11FC green ABS plasticanti-surge Soft-Flo eyewash head with built-in 1.2 gpmflow control. 1/4in IPS.
    • Dust Cover: Model 9095 green polyethylene plasticdust cover. Dust covers protect heads and automaticallyreleases with water pressure.
    • Receptor: Model SP93 11in round green ABS plasticreceptor. Resistant to damage from alkalies, saltsolutions, oils and most acids.
    • Eyewash Valve: Model SP229 chrome-plated brassstay-open ball valve, equipped with a stainless steel balland stem. Full flow occurs with push on stainless steelflag. 1/2in IPS inlet and outlet.
    • In-Line Strainer: Model SP509 chrome-plated brassin-line 50 x 50 mesh water strainer that prevents debrisfrom reaching the eye or eye/face wash. Easilyserviceable. 1/2in IPS inlet x 1/4in IPS outlet.
    • Mounting: Model SP80 cast-aluminum wall bracket with chromate protective finish.
    • Universal Sign: Model SP175 vertical universal emergency eyewash sign. Size: 8in x 10-3/4in.
    • Test This Week Tag: SP170 is a green waterproof test card with space for date and initials of inspector. Used to record weekly testing of emergency equipment.

    Wall Mounted Eye Wash Features

    • Round 11in green ABS plastic receptor, aluminum wall bracket, and twin Soft-Flo ABS plastic anti-surge eyewash heads
    • Supply: 1/2in IPS. Waste: 1- 1/4in IPS.


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