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Eemax De-Ionized Electric Tankless Water Heater 3.0kW 120V EX3012T DI

Eemax De-Ionized Electric Tankless Water Heater 3.0kW 120V EX3012T DI
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    The Eemax EX3012TDI "De-Ionized", Single Heating Module, Electric Tankless Water Heater. The Eemax Ultrapure De-ionized (DI) water heater is capeable of heating water of the highest purity(up to 18 MEG OHM quality)- affordably. Its compact design (12"x15") makes the unit particularly well suited for point of use installation to serve a single or mutiple work stations. The units utilize Eemax's Instantaneous Water Heating technology, delivering continous, constant temerature, hot water. All Eemax ultrapure water heaters utilize the highest quality materials. 316 stainless steel wetted sufaces.

    Why Hot De-Ionized water? Hot "DI" water has become an attractive replacement for chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's). CFC's are ozone depleteing and must be phased out of all manufactoring operations. Hot De-Ionized water provides a more aggresive cleaning agent, will flash dry quickly and is "user friendly" in terms of its disposal. Heated "DI" water has remarkable cleaning properties and will not pollute the enviroment.

    Eemax EX3012TDI "De-Ionized" Electric Tankless Water Heater Applications:
    • Microhip Manufactoring
    • Pharmaceutical production
    • High Tolerance Component Cleaning
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Spray Rinse Tank
    • Batch Chemical Mixing

    Eemax EX3012TDI "De-Ionized" Electric Tankless Water Heater Features:
    • Cold or Hot water feed
    • Capable of Heating High Purity Water- stae of the art materials used in construction, rated for purity levels up to 18 MEG OHM.
    • Test Proven by independent analytical laboratory to maintain water purity. Test conlusion verified no measurable conntamination of water passing through the Eemax heater. Test results available upon request.
    • Extensive Product Range- 3 kW, 120V through 32kW, three phase power available
    • Thermostatic Temperature Control Available- highly accurate micro processor to deliver +/- 1°F outlet accuracy.
    • Compact size- Largest unit is 15-1/4"x12-1/4"x4-1/4"
    • Eliminate Deadlegs- unique flow activated design allows for constant water movement, even when not heating.
    • Easy Installation- compact size, allows for installation close to point of use.

    Eemax EX3012TDI "De-Ionized" Single Heating Module Electric Tankless Water Heater Specifications:
    • Dimensions - 10-3/4" x 5-1/4" x 3"
    • Weight - 10lbs
    • KW - 3.0kW
    • Volts 120V
    • Amps 25A
    • Recommended Wire 10AWG
    • Rise at 0.5 GPM - 41°F
    • Rise at 0.75 GPM - 27°F
    • Rise at 1.0 GPM - 20°F
    • Rise at 1.5 GPM - 14°F
    • Rise at 2.0 GPM - 10°F
    • Bottom water connections, 1/2" compression fitting (type 316 stainless steel)

    • The voltage, amperage, and circuit breaker specifications must be met for this heater to function. Please make sure all requirements are met before purchasing this heater. Manufacturer's start up procedures must be observed.

    EX3012T DI

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